About Us

Kelfab is a small family-run business that was born out of necessity.

I returned to track riding after a few years' break and was immediately hooked again. After a few track days, my family started showing an interest in my riding and wanted to come along and see me in action. The feedback was great, but they all said how nice it would be to see what was going on while riding on track and so I mounted a camera to my bike to let them see what they wanted! I fitted a GoPro mount on the fairing of my bike and recorded the action of the day. Once we got home, I put the recorded footage on the TV and we all sat down to watch. After only a few minutes we had to turn it off again. Not because I was so awful on track but because the footage was so shaky and unstable that it literally made us feel ill!

Never to give up on the first try, and having always been interested in engineering and 3D printing, I set my mind to  designing and making a better mounting solution, as all options already on the market were not fit for my purpose. After several iterations, I came up with a design that looked as though it would work and began making it. Trial and error taught me that it's not possible to make something plastic that would not vibrate at speed. Still undeterred, I bought a cheap CNC router and learnt how to use CAD and CAM to design and make tool paths for the machine to cut brackets from aluminium. This worked a treat and, after posting it on a few Facebook groups, the orders started to flood in. Even better, the feedback, recommendations and repeat purchases showed that I'd found the solution that us racers had been looking for!

Fast forward 3 years and, after a lot of hard work, we now have a fully kitted out workshop with machines including CNC Lathes, CNC Milling machines, CO2 laser cutters, Fiber laser cutters, 8x4 CNC Plasma cutters, 3D Printers and much more! We have a range of our own Kelfab products but also offer a bespoke engineering service, which means we can take a project from idea through to concept, prototyping and onto final product to fit our customers' individual needs.

We continue to add to our ever growing list of products whilst looking to improve our existing range and welcome any enquiries!

Thanks for taking the time to have a read and look forward to helping you with any of your fabrication challenges.

Kel of Kelfab